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Self Employed

Paying too much Tax?


Of course, we all think that, but it is our experience that most self-employed people do indeed pay more tax than they need to – even those with accountants! We will advise you as to whether another business structure, such as a Partnership or a Limited Company would be more tax efficient.

Company Car?


The popular view is that company cars are not tax efficient and should be avoided. This is not necessarily the case and we will prepare calculations to determine whether the vehicle of your choice should be financed through the company.

Is the accountant not

working for you?


We don’t just ‘turn the handle’, we actively look for ways to reduce your tax burden and to maximize your tax-free allowances, while at the same time ensuring that you stay within current tax laws. Tax laws change continuously and you can easily find yourself inadvertently incurring heavy penalties. We will ensure your company stays up to date.

Should I register for VAT?


Although you are legally obliged to register for VAT if your turnover exceeds £85,000 per annum, many businesses with turnover below this amount may actually save money by voluntarily registering early!

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